Drywall and Ceiling Connection by Miloš

Can somebody please advise me how to provide connection detail between drywall and ceiling? Thank you in advance


  1. So, 3 options. Something on top, something, behind and a gap in between. Each additional element has a cost. so value engineer to the design. Hows is it constructed, hangs on the channel, so a L-Section trim edge could work. Labour and cost goes up. How is it serviced if there is replacement of the lighting. Should it be modular and a drop-out section. Quick replacement of lighting….. oops LED is replaced only in absolute failure. So, what the designer needs to consider is these factors before placing the detail request here.Installation of these units is very sequential and requires heavy up-side-down assembly and installation. Hope that helps!

  2. You could fix the horizontal piece of your “lighting niche” to the wall instead of having it fixed to your suspended ceiling. Then, whatever gap would occur between the two would be in your drawing on the top right of the LED, aand should not be visible by anyone. Basically your critical, circled point would move to the rightHope you understand what I mean. Would be great if this site would support sketching into the details for responses.

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