Insulation around foundation by Sabine

I was wondering how to insulate the basement around the foundation. I recon, that under the foundation is out of the question, but if I insulate on the sides can I eliminate the cold bridge? Insulation on the slab of the basement is out of the question because of the height requirements. Danke 🙂


    • The building is new one. But under the foundation you have to have gravel. Where do you plan to place the insulation? In between? What happens with the insulation after the whole weight of the building? Is it still effective?

    • In most cases it is enough to go with the insulation up until 80 – 100cm in depth. But in this case I think that Basement is heated so you have to pack everything without loosing warmth. That also Depends on your EnEv (Energy Efficiency) project. 🙂

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